Our Solutions

Data Insight works with any industry so no matter what your orgnaization do, we're sure that Data Insight will help you take it to the next level. Here a sneakpeak for various industries we work with.

Our Features

Data Visualization

Data Insight let you view your data in a graphical way so you can focus in what is telling you instead of in building it.

Dashboard Customization

You can create dashboard from one or more reports you already saved and share it with your colleagues.


Data Insight let you have as many users as you need. You'll be able to share reports and dashboards with any active user in the application.

Data Analytics

Our one of a kind intiutive and easy to use interface let you analyze millions of lines very easy and smoothly.

Ad-hoc Reports

Build your own custom report very easy. Apply filters, add measures, insert charts and much more.

Customer Support

Have a doubt about the application? Just call us or email us, we'll help you through.

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